Professional Choices of Profoundly Gifted

Who rises to the top? Early Indicators. Psychological Science, 24, 648-659. Graduate Degrees. Kell, H. J., Lubinski, D., Benbow, C. P. (2013), available at:

HTHGC Note: Longitudinal study of students who achieved an SAT-M score of at least 700 or an SAT-V score of at least 630 (or both) before age 13.  I highly recommend reading the entire paper.

…it is not the case that once a critical level of a specific ability for a particular discipline is reached, all educational and career paths are considered open for commensurate consideration; rather, the profoundly gifted, like talented but more typical students, tend to choose learning and work environments as a function of the respective strengths of their abilities.


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