U.S. Presidents and Birth Order

Leman, The New Birth Order Book, 16-7:

…twenty-three out of forty-one U.S. presidents (56 percent) have been first borns or functional first borns…A number of our presidents were born later than number one in their families. In some cases, they were born last, but in all cases they were the first-born males in the family. That tells me they had excellent chances of developing first-born traits and functioning as first borns, which undoubtedly helped them to be effective in their role of president and leader…

Of course, many of our presidents have been middle children, and a few have been last borns, including Ronald Reagan, the actor who made good in Washington. The big three of birth order—first born, middle child, and baby—was vividly represented during the 1992 presidential campaign when incumbent George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Ross Perot squared off in a televised debate. Clinton, the first born, was suave, confident, loaded with answers, and projected strong leadership abilities. Bush, the middle child, used a mediating negotiating style, even while in debate. Perot, the last born, was an outrageous baby and then some—hard hitting, outspoken, asked lots of embarrassing questions of his opponents, and often had the audience in stitches.


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