Family background of Terman student with IQ of 192

Terman, Promise of Youth, 270-1

Madeline’s heredity is decidedly superior.  For at least two or three generations on each side the ancestors were American-born.  On the paternal side the grandfather was of English and Irish descent.  He graduated from college became first a high-school teacher and later a school superintendent.  He was a prominent leader in the crusade days of the prohibition movement.  The paternal grandmother was of Scotch and French descent.  She was a graduate of a state normal school and a teacher previous to her marriage.  A paternal great-grandfather was a preacher, a great uncle was president of a state university, and a great aunt was a teacher, author, and literary critic.  This side of the family is also related to William Cullen Bryant.  Teaching and preaching have been the prevailing occupations.

On the maternal side the grandfather was of German and Dutch descent.  He held the degree of A.B., A.M., and M.D., and was successively a teacher, high-school principal, superintendent of schools, and physician.  He later held the chair of Physiology and Pharmacology in the medical school of a university.  The maternal grandmother, who was of remote English descent, was also a university graduate.  A great-grandfather on this side was a college graduate and teacher.

The parents of Madeline are both university graduates.  The father, after completing his undergraduate work, obtained a graduate degree in forestry.  He has been for a number of years in the United States Forestry Service and is now on a university faculty.  His interests are wide and include philosophy, religion, botany, photography, astronomy, and city planning.  The mother also followed the undergraduate college course with post-graduate study, almost completing the work for an M.A. degree in Greek.  She was a high-school teacher before her marriage and occasionally does substitute teaching now.  She is also active in church and club work…

The family is in only moderately good financial circumstances, having had considerable responsibility in the care of relatives.  The home, however, is large, comfortable, and well-located, and many books are in evidence.


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