Exceptional Sensitivity of Gifted Children

Freeman, Gifted Children Growing Up, 57

The super-sensitivity of many gifted children means that not only may they take modest criticism terribly to heart, but they can also react to a wider range of subtleties.  This super-sensitivity can be either encouraged or blunted by ridicule, and for some less robust personalities it can turn inwards from a world which they find too painful to bear.  However, it may be that it is a high level of innate sensitivity in infants which itself enables giftedness to develop.

…even for the youngest children, the higher their IQs the more they said they could see life through another’s eyes — the more they could empathize.  In the follow-up, the results were less distinct, although the young people’s feelings of sensitivity, particularly with regard to other people, still had a positive relationship with IQ scores.  Yet, whatever their intellect, that empathy was not available to everyone.  Many had not developed enough maturity and self-awareness to feel at ease with other people and still remain whole, so they changed with the prevailing wind…


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