Huckabee: 8 “militant left-wing” National Education Association policies

Mike Huckabee, Kids Who Kill, 1998, 114-5:

— The NEA is at the vanguard of the “political correctness” movement–from multiculturalism and inclusive language, to speech codes and hate crimes.

— It has embraced the entire feminist agenda–including abortion-on-demand, value-free kindergarten-through-twelfth-grade sex education, school-based sex clinics, and quota hiring and advancement standards.

— It has joined forces with militant homosexual groups in pressing for special-status legislative protections and condom giveaways in the schools, and endorsed the most recent gay-rights march on Washington.

— It opposes school prayer or any other demonstration of faith in the public sector.

— It opposes tuition tax credits.

— It has actively opposed conservative appointments to the Supreme Court from Clement Haynesworth and Harold Carswell to Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas.

— It has consistently opposed drug and alcohol sobriety testing for students.

— It has supported the right of schools to bypass parental authority in securing sexuality counseling, procedures, and services.


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