Huckabee on positivity

Mike Huckabee, Living Beyond Your Lifetime, 116

Being positive originates in a peaceful mind. Our thoughts really do control us.  A Hindu trader once asked a missionary about the “shine” on his face: “What do you put on your face to make it shine?”  When the missionary realized he was talking about his countenance, he explained the “shine” came from the inside, not the outside.  Our hearts experience; our faces reflect.  When we’re at peace with our inner selves, this peace is projected in our expressions.  People who look for good are usually able to find it.  Those who see the worst in everything generally project anger and bitterness.

People tend to be most critical of the success of others in areas where they are weak.  For example, I have observed that people who give the least are the most vocal in criticizing how much money is spent.  People who do the least work most often criticize the work being done.  Those who have the fewest friends are those who are the least friendly.  The power of being positive originates in a peaceful mind.


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