Trump on Champions

Trump, Think Like a Champion, 2009, 39-40

Ordinary wouldn’t be enough for someone who has the mindset of a champion.  Champions think big.  Champions work in a big-time way.  Champions are focused.  Champions are disciplined.  Come to think of it, champions think like champions….

You can learn a lot from watching the experts, whether you’re interested in sports, the arts, or whatever.  One thing they all have in common is the same mindset: They want to win, they want to be the best.  Not the runner-up, but the best.  That’s a very important thing to consider.  I’ve seen very talented people fail because deep down I think they were afraid of winning.  Winning comes with a responsibility.  Champions rise to that responsibility.  Search yourself carefully to make sure you’re ready and capable.  If you’re not, do something about it.  It’s an important element of success.


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