Trump on Fear

Trump, Think Like a Champion, 2009, 51-3:

If you label something a fear, then it creates fear when sometimes it’s not a fear but a concern…

It’s much easier to break down a concern that it is a fear.  Fear creates a block that will only hinder your creative thinking.  Objectivity will remove that block and allow for creative ideas to flow.

An antidote to fear is as simple as problem solving….

Fear has a way of making things bigger than they are.  There’s an old German proverb to this effect that “fear makes the wold bigger than he is,” and that is true.  But the opposite of fear is faith, which is one reason you’ve got to believe in yourself and see yourself as victorious…

When I was faced with some huge debts in the early 1990s, it was widely reported that I was finished, done for, gone.  Looking at the numbers alone made that seem clear to the media.  However, I never believed I was finished.  I simply saw that situation as a problem I had to solve and went about doing that.  I’m not saying it was easy, because it wasn’t.  It was a big problem.  But I refused to give in to fear or to believe what was being said about my so-called demise.  I came back to become more successful that I ever was, and that’s why I believe business is very much a bout problem solving.  If you want to learn to deal with and solve problems, you will have a much bigger margin for success.

Do not allow fear to settling into place in any part of your life.  It is a defeating attitude and a negative emotion.  Recognize and zap it immediately.  Replace it with a problem-solving attitude, faith in yourself, and hard work.  Put that formula into working order for yourself and you’ll be dealing from a position of power, not fear.  That’s winning.


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