Weldon on parallels between free range learning and sustainable diets

Weldon, Free Range Learning, 44-5

Free range learning has parallels to the growing movement toward sustainable diets.  More and more of us seek out the essential nutrients found in whole foods.  We try to fill our plates with meals made humanely and with the least impact on the environment.  Consumer awareness is the engine driving increased demand for organic, locally grown foods.  The agriculture and food industries aren’t the ones sounding alarms about unsound policies that are damaging to human health or the environment.  No, a flawed system is being changed by the concerns of ordinary people.  Although there aren’t exact parallels, it is interesting to note that both agriculture and education system are divided by similar principles: small, local and diverse models versus large-scale, top-down, expediency-driven models.  Learning is an organic process that resists mechanistic control.  Measurements and codes are legislated onto education the same way that agricultural regulations are passed.  Those who love to teach and those who wish to learn can be trapped in such a system.



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