Lijin on college-educated Asian women’s decision to stay at home

Ju, Lijin, “College-educated Asian stay-at-home mothers in U.S.” (2012). Graduate Theses and Dissertations. Paper 12645, 7-8

Very little is known about how college-educated Asian women in particular experience motherhood. It is likely that cultural factors may influence college-educated Asian women’s decision to be SAHMs. The culture of Asian countries like China, Japan, and Korea are all influenced by Confucian philosophy, in which family and filial piety have the central value, and childbearing is the ultimate purpose of marriage, so that the family line could be carried on into the future (Yeh & Bedford, 2003). It is found that to provide their infants with better educational opportunities, Chinese families often immigrate to the United States (Qin, 2009), and immigrant Chinese mothers are more likely to be concerned about infants’ learning and development than African American, Mexican, and Dominican immigrant mothers (Catherine & Ronit, 2009). Chinese immigrant mothers are also found to put more emphasize on parental involvement and investment to ensure their children’s academic success than European American mothers (Chao, 1996).


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