Maoz study of Stay at Home Jewish-Israeli Mothers

Darya Maoz, “Stay at Home Jewish Mothers: A Jewish-Israeli Perspective,” in Elizabeth Boyd and Gayle Letherby (ed), Stay-at-Home Mothers: Dialogues and Debates, 2014, 92

Secular, educated Jewish women who leave their job and choose a ‘mommy track’ tell of a gendered division of work as a central cause for leaving work and devoting themselves to the house and children, not being able to work in two shifts; reasons which I term “an objective conflict.”  But most of them also express a traditional way of thinking…It puts the mother in the home arena with her children and sees her as the most important figure in the child’s life and vice versa (the child is her whole life); a notion which I term “a perceived conflict.”….

women feel they cannot work both outside the house and in it.  Their actual choice of leaving work usually stems from a traditional perception of gender roles and definitely reinforces it.

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