Color green in wood energy

Jason Elias and Katherine Ketcham, The Five Elements of Self-Healing: Using Chinese Medicine for Maximum Immunity, Wellness, and Health, Harmony Books, 1998, 43

The color associated with Wood is green, the color of spring, and it signifies progress, creativity, and tranquility.  A natural attraction to the color green indicates your affinity with Wood, while a strong aversion to green may signal an imbalance in this energy…

The color green is generally healing and soothing to Wood energies.  “Green like jade” is regarded as the color of life, while “green as in a dying plant” is the color of death…Certain shades of green may have a negative influence on Wood types, so be sensitive to your reactions, and avoid those tones that seem to irritate you or throw you off balance.

Placing healthy green plants in strategic places in your home, painting your office green, or wearing a green shirt or coat might help to inspire feelings of serenity and confidence in the future.

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