Children with ADHD have shorter sleep duration

Children with ADHD have shorter sleep duration, study finds

Children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder slept roughly 45 minutes less a night than a control group without ADHD, according to a study in Journal of Sleep Research. The study, which involved 101 children and used polysomnography, also found that those with ADHD took more time to fall asleep at night than the control group, but they were able to fall asleep faster than the control group during the day.

HealthDay News (6/8)


Let’s imagine that you wanted to create a society full of ADHD kids.  What would you do…

— Force kids to wake up so early they cannot possibly get enough sleep
— Send them to gov’t controlled schools where they are vaccinated, forced to sit in a chair for hours, doused with artificial lighting, fed toxic food, and force-fed politically correct lies from low-IQ bureaucrats
— Discourage any semblance of freedom, intuition, creativity, or self-motivation
— If they still exhibit signs of normal kid behavior, call them “lazy” and shame and punish them
— If they still exhibit signs of normal kid behavior after that, send them to “doctor” (MD, not naturopath, herbalist, acupuncturist, therapist, or anyone else who actually knows anything) and write prescription for most profitable pharmaceutical
— Shame anyone in society who disagrees or even questions status quo.  No matter what, do not allow people to take control over own lives.
— Ensure that, by the time the zombies are adults and want to have children themselves, they are so stressed out, stupid, and inattentive to parenting that their kids will have predisposition for ADHD even before they are born
— Repeat cycle until economic collapse, terrorist attack etc
— Use crisis to expand gov’t and take away even more freedom
— Repeat cycle

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