Hair in Dream Interpretation


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– Protection; Attractiveness; Sensuality.


– What do I want to hide? What do I want to show?

General Meanings:

Usually in the dream hair plays a very big role and symbolizes our physical and mental states. It also shows the vitality of the person, according to the condition of the hair: the healthier the hair is – the bigger vitality.

Hair meaning in dreams by color:

  • Deceit if dyeing – Hair coloring or dyeing in the dream warns of deception and false expectations;
  • Fame temper if red color – In the dream to see hair color in red, rose, pink or any of red shades, it symbolizes popularity and high temperament;
  • Wellness if black color – In the dream to see dark tones of hair color, like black or dark brown hair, means healthiness;
  • Grief if gray (grey) color – If you dreamed of gray, dark silver or ash hair, shows pain and sorrow;
  • Fortune and knowledge if white color – Dreaming of white or bright silver colored hair signifies wisdom, goodness and happiness.

Hair meaning in dreams by length:

  • If you dreamed of short hair, then it might indicate repressed sexual desires;
  • If you dreamed of long hair, then such a dream can symbolize sensuality, purity and divinity.

Haircut meanings in dreams:

  • Sometimes haircut could show the fear and mostly of the times it represents grief, loss and sorrow;
  • According to Indian dream journal “Jagaddeva”, haircut signifies poverty and miserable life, which the dreamer will have.

Hair loss or hair falling out in clumps meaning in dreams

Powerlessness if losing hair – The loss of hair mostly shows the lack of strength in the dreamer’s life. It could also show the fear of becoming older and unattractive. The hair is one of the most important part of the beauty, especially to women, where it looks playful, innocent and feminine.

Lack of confidence or wisdom if bald or hairless – If the dreamer became bald by shaving or losing hair and stayed without any hair, it means that there is a lack of self-esteem. There is no confidence in the dreamer’s personality. Otherwise, the dream about being bald could show the wisdom and purity, because baldness symbolizes openness, where there is no fear to be the way human beings truly are, just like when they were born.

Other contexts

If the woman dreams that she has a hair of a man, such dream represents the masculine side of her. It means that there is less femininity in her, then in any ordinary women.

If the man dreams that he has hair of the women, then such dream shows the feminine side of the dreamer. Such man has the features which is more common to women: romanticism, gentleness and purity.

To dream of hair on the chest and abdomen, shows sexuality and general happiness.

To see hair in the bowl of the soup, shows the avarice and greed you will suffer from somebody else.

Psychological Meanings:

The one, who has a dream about the hair, should know, that such dreams represents the mental attitude of the dreamer towards the inner-self. If there is a need to find out more about the dream in which the main symbol in it is hair, then the dreamer should pay attention to the condition of the hair: what color it was, how thick or shinny you saw it in your dream.

It is known that not only women, but men dream about hair either. It is not because of the fear to become bold, but because it has much deeper and more important meaning in our life.

Most common meanings of conditions in the dreams that are related to hair are these:

  • Long hair for women symbolizes femininity;
  • Long hair for men symbolizes power, freedom, and independence;
  • If the dreamer saw lots of hair, then it foretells about a very powerful and strong personality. To be clear – the more hair the dreamer dreamed of, the more power it represents;
  • White hair usually signifies wisdom, intelligence and prudence;
  • To dream of blond hair shows instability;
  • If you dreamed of black hair color, then such a dream shows hidden part of the dreamer’s personality and also signifies a passion;

Love or risk if red hair – To dream of red hair color can be interpreted either as a good omen or as a bad omen. As a good omen red hair color signifies love, passion and sexuality. As a bad omen red hair color signifies dangers. To make a good interpretation of your dream, you’ve got to rethink of the state you were in your dream – were you feeling good or bad seeing the red hair? The being of yours will let you know to which omen you should relate yourself: good or bad;

Fear or wisdom if gray hair – If you dreamed of gray/grey hair, then such a dream could have the meaning of the fear to get old, or wisdom that lies within you. Gray/grey hair for a women could also show the fear of losing the beauty and femininity, because grey/gray symbolizes old age and wrinkles. The dream could also tell you that you became “old” as a person, you’re not experiencing new activities, maybe there is no motivation for improvement. The other explanation of the meaning of grey/gray hair signifies the wisdom. Usually the person who has the grey/gray hair is old and have lots of experience, which can be used to teach the others;

Fortune if brushing – To dream of brushing your own hair, which seems shiny and healthy in a dream signifies successful life and good looks. The shininess of your hair gives the bling to your future and brushing it yourself means that you will get it all because of the effort you’re putting in;

Stress if transplantation – If the dreamer had a hair transplantation, such dream shows the fears you are having. There is a possibility that you are afraid of losing someone, or some of the qualities you have;

Overpower if cutting – If the dreamer was cutting his hair, it shows the fear of being in subjugation;

Twofold character or new part of the life if wigs – If you dreamed that you tried the wig on, it means that you have a double personality or you’re trying to become a new man.

Domination if splitting hair – the person likes to be in control of things, has a very strong opinion and thinks that he/she is always right.

Fear if sees a hairy things – the dreamer is afraid of the problems he has, because doesn’t know how to cope with them or sort it out.

Regrets if the tong is hairy – the dreamer feels sorry what the things that been said and wish he/she kept his mouth shut instead of talking.

Spiritual Meaning:

The hair is the natural adornment of the man and the veil of the woman. The quality of the hair in the dream represents spiritual state of the dreamer.

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Friendship if hair is well combed – if the dreamer sees in the dream very well combed hair, then such dream represents friendship;
  • Good friend and/or luck if combing hair to others – To comb hair to others in the dream means that you will have a great friendship with the one that has been combed by you and/or will achieve a great success in a business deals or relationships;
  • Triumph if combing hair for yourself – To comb hair for yourself in the dream means that it will be easy for you to overcome adversities;
  • To see well combed hair – the dreamer can definitely trust his friends.
  • To see messy hair one will have to reckon with controversy, he can have unpleasant consequences;
  • To cut your own hair – you will be freed from the negative emotions;
  • If somebody cut of your hair – death in the family, disaster or bereavement;
  • To see the hair that’s falling out – will lose the assets;
  • To lose all of the hair – bad times ahead of you;
  • To dream of having a very long hair – you will be honoured;
  • To dream of seeing a very long hair – you will be loved and adored;
  • To dream of white hair – shows the peaceful state of our mind, wisdom that lies within you. The dream shows that you will receive lots of respect from the others;
  • To dream of blond hair – gentleness, goodness vitality and youthfulness;
  • To dream of gray hair – will suffer lots of sorrow and grief;
  • To dream of seeing healthy and black hair – represents how much you are loved by someone in your life;
  • To dream of having healthy and black hair – you will be healthy;
  • To dream of having red hair – shows that treacherous people will follow you and also forthcoming annoyances;
  • To dream of seeing red hair – you will be lied;
  • To dream of having brown hair – our positive character will bring you many benefits;
  • To braid the hair – soon will have big changes in your life;
  • Fake hair or hair extensions for men symbolizes a good omen, which means honour and for women symbolizes a bad omen, which means grief and sorrow;
  • To dye the hair – will make a fool of yourself or will lose a very close friend;
  • To see growing hair – happiness in business;
  • To sell the hair – possible accident;
  • To dream of hair on the chest – healthy life;
  • To dream of growing hair on our hands or palms – the dream suggest you to think more about your future;
  • To dream of burning hair or the hair that is on fire – signifies that you will escape a disagreeable thing;
  • To dream of washing your hair or seeing a very nice and clean hair – you will get the rest you need;
  • If the hair growing out of the nose, cheeks or forehead – it will be hard to overcome the enemies;
  • To pull out the hair – will put all the effort to avoid misery;
  • Hairy armpits – for men it shows the masculinity and for women it represents shame and guilt; Sometimes hairy armpits symbolizes openness to those who are seeing your armpits;
  • To dream of public hair – foretells the state of your mind, which consists sexual desires or fears;
  • If the dreamer sees a whole body hair – such a dream signifies the protection, because the body hair is the bulwark from negative factors not only physically, but mentally as well;
  • If the body hair is falling out – the dreamer will experience obstacles at work or any other;
  • To a woman to dream of cutting her own hair – shows possible disaster to her husband or they might get split/divorce;
  • If the husband cuts the wife’s hair in a dream it is a sign that he will leave her for good. The main reason of the split might be another woman, who’s been in husband’s life for a while;
  • If the woman who is ill dream of cutting her own hair – she will die. The hair that was been cut off symbolizes the end of vitality, therefore comes the death;
  • If the woman which husband is ill dreams of cutting her own hair – her husband will not get better and will die, as the cutting symbolizes separation;

Persian (Islamic)

  • If the emperor has a gray hair – people will suffer and all of the wealth will disappear;
  • If the dreamer sees completely gray (silver) hair of the emperor it shows that he will not get of of troubles and worries, therefore people will suffer because of that;
  • Dreaming of emperors who have beautiful, shiny and healthy hair – people will live in joy, without any fear of war or any other disappointments;
  • Dreaming of emperor whose hair was cut of – the enemies will try to get what do not belong to them. People and the emperor should be aware of the strangers or visitors in their area.

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Solidarity or sexuality in general symbolism – The hair in the dream in general is symbol of solidarity related to human life, erotic symbol which shows sexuality and attraction;
  • Unpleasant period if losing the hair – means that you will have hard time in your life;
  • Funeral if the hair is falling out – soon someone you know will die;
  • The end if women losing her hair – the activities that’s been very pleasant will come to the end;
  • Fair if a man losing the hair – shows that the dreamer is afraid to lose his potency;
  • Fortune if combing hair – the good luck will follow whatever you are doing and there is also a possibility of unexpected journey;
  • Changes if coloring or dyeing hair – there are aspects within your personality that you wish to change or already started changing;
  • New and fresh start if washing the hair – the dreamer is aiming to be better and more productive in all areas of his/hers life. The new, better and purrier life has began;
  • Troubles or wisdom if the hair is grey/gray – unpleasant illness, worries if the dreamer had a grey/gray. Otherwise, the dream could symbolize cleverness, because old people have grey/gray or silver hair and they have lots of experience at all factors of the life, which helps to know more about life than ordinary people know;
  • Happiness if hair is white – everything will go according to plan, where there will be no need to put a lot of effort, as the life will bring satisfaction and pleasant life at anything you will do;
  • Health if the hair is black – the dreamer is going to be in the best state of mental and physical wellness;
  • Respect if the hair is brown – In the dream to have brown hair means that everyone is going to enjoy your company or actions you do. You’ve got respect from those around you. If the dreamer sees someone else with brown hair – this person with brown hair have now or will have big authority;
  • Enemies or sexual desires if the hair is red – the dream suggest to be careful with people you are in contact. Otherwise, the dream could represent hidden sexual wishes, which are not fulfilled;
  • Frivolity if hair is blond or yellowish – the dream shows childishness and purity;
  • Richness if hair is golden – wealthy and stable life;
  • Independence for men if hair is long – the men will seek for moral and sexual freedom;
  • Vitality for women if hair is long – shows feminine and pure side of women;
  • Disappointment if hair has been cut off by somebody else – the dream shows the sorrow and grief the dreamer might suffer;
  • Renewal if hair has been braided – the old connections or relationships will be restored;
  • New friendship if hair was combed – the dreamer will meet beautiful people who will have a good influence;
  • Stagnancy if hair is dirty – the dream represents confusion and instability, which means that you started to think more in negative way than in positive;
  • Consideration about future if the hair is growing out of hands or palms – the dreamer should know that everything is his hands, which means that everything is achievable;
  • Happiness for men if hair is growing on the chest – hair is a symbol of manhood;
  • Shame for women if hair is growing on the chest – women suppose to be feminine and only with hair at particular parts of her body;
  • Health if hair is on the belly – wealthiness;
  • Unpleasantness if hair in the mouth – the dream tells about harrowing experience you will suffer;
  • Power if the man without hair – dream will bring a position of prestige and richness;
  • Dishonor if the women without hair – the dream symbolizes contempt;
  • Happy love if the hair is curled – the dreamer will have a huge success in love;
  • Deception if the man has a hair of the women – the dream signifies lies in relationships related to love;
  • Strife if the hair was founded in the soup – the dreamer will have disagreements and dissension with someone;
  • Prudence if the hair is burning – should be aware and careful in all meanings of the life;
  • Deference if see the hair of the dead person – shows the respect you have for people you are related to;
  • Joy if dream of headband – the happiness and good mood will follow at work or any other activities you’re doing;
  • Success if dreaming of hair pomade, wax or gel – shows the fortune that will lead you, because you will have the confidence at anything you will do;
  • Problems if flowers in the hair – the dream signifies approaching troubles, which are not directed to you, so you will be able to sort them out from the distance;
  • Worries if the hair turn into flowers – you should prepare yourself to be patient and strong, because not everything will go smoothly, things will get complicated which will make you anxious;
  • Greediness if hair is thinned – the dream shows lack of generosity to those around you;
  • Love if a man stroking woman’s hair – the dream shows that the man has a very deep feelings for the woman, which hair he was stroking;
  • Doubts if hair is black and white – to see two shades in your hair: black and white, symbolizes uncertainty in making some decisions;
  • Failure if can not comb or brush the hair – the dream shows that you are unsuccessful while dealing with your life or some corresponding tasks;
  • Responsibility if the woman’s hair fell out and the bald spots were visible – shows that she will have to make the earnings for a living and take the responsibility for her own life without anyone’s help;
  • Illness if hair became grey for a pregnant woman – the dream suggest to look after your health for the sake of your baby.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Admiration if healthy, beautiful hair – which means, that you are respected and honored by others;
  • Arguments if the hair is cut off – the dreamer will suffer disputes especially with the family;
  • Insult if your hair brushed or combed against your will – be aware of the person who brushed or combed your hair against your will wants to hurt or abuse you;
  • Suggestion to look at your future if hair is in your hands or palms – which means that you should think of what you are doing at the moment and what you would like to be in the future;
  • Anger if hair is red – you might get raged about something;
  • Caution if hair is black – beware of falsehood that surrounds you;
  • Serenity if the woman brushing or combing the hair – shows the state of mind that is in complete tranquility;
  • Difficulties for your master if hair turned white or grey/gray – symbolizes severities, which the master who leads you will have;
  • Wealthiness and power if the emperors or masters have longer, healthier and thicker hair – the dream foretells of upcoming wealthiness and richness for the people of the emperors, or for a dreamer that dreamed about his master;
  • Loss of dispute if the emperor or the master loses the hair – the dream symbolizes the defeat against those that were fought;
  • Safety at home if dream of upper lip hair or mustache – the mustache symbolizes cozy and familiar places like home;
  • Poverty if shaving or cutting the hair of upper lip or mustache – the dream suggests to defend and save what belongs to you and your family;
  • Happiness for daughters if dream of armpit hair – you will find a great match for your daughters;
  • Failure for daughters if lost the hair of armpit – shows that daughters will have a misfortune while finding the husbands;
  • Punishment for the husband if public hair is growing – shows that the husband of the dreamer will have to deal with rough treatment;
  • Happy marriage if public hair is falling out – represents honorable and respectable relationships in the marriage;
  • Richness if whole body is covered with hair – signifies abundance and luxuriance;
  • Poverty if all hair has fallen out or been cut off for the rich man – the dreamer will lose everything he ever had and will have to start making the prosperous life from the start.


First of all, long hair is associating with health and attraction. It is known that women wants to look beautiful and the long and healthy hair is one of the main factors, which helps women to stand out of the crowd. For that reason, women even dare to wear fake hair (hair-wigs).

The long hair is also a good omen because in the past people, who took a part in communities with particular functions and positions used to wear wigs (philosophers, theatre people). Long hair also brings happiness to other people, the one which is not easy to achieve, because long and healthy hair requires lots of care.

Long, but unhealthy hair according to Artemidorus foretells about suffer and sorrow.

If you were dreaming that you saw bristles of pig – you might take serious risks in the future.

To dream of having a horse hair, foretells about slavery, miserable life, because slaves used to be bounded together when walking, just like the tail of the horse – all hair is bounded together.

To dream of woolen hair – illness, because it is not natural to human beings to see anything that is not related to our body.

If the hair growing out of hands or hand palms – such dream shows restriction, which shows inactivity and work that hasn’t been done, unemployment and all because of tiredness and inability to work.

If someone braided your hair – it shows the benefits, but only to those whose hair was braided. If The the dreamer braided hair to somebody else, that is a bad omen, which symbolizes unpleasant financial obligations.

Context Meanings:

Most common conditions in dreams related to the hair symbol and their meanings

Hair falling out in clumps

To dream that the hair is falling out in clumps have several meanings. First of all, the dream represents the state of your thoughts. Beautiful hair represents – positive thoughts and damaged hair – signifies negative thoughts. The hair has not suppose to fall out in clumps, otherwise – consider, if there is something that you are trying to get rid off. As the result of the interpretations of the dream, it could have either positive meaning, either negative one. If in the reality you are living a stressful life, finding hard to deal with the troubles, then the dream shows the negative aspects of your life. You should pull yourself together, don’t take it so hard, because sooner or later you will find the solution to the problems you have. If in the reality your life is getting better day by day, take this dream as a sign of the brighter, healthier and richer future. The hair that is falling out in clumps, shows that finally you are able to get rid of negative factors in your life, because after the hair falls out, you become bald, which signifies wisdom and novelty.

Armpit hair

If you see hairy armpit in the dream, then such dream signifies your ability to have a contact with others. The hairy armpit is a very sensible and intimate part of the body, which means that if you were showing it to somebody, then such action signifies your openness to that person. Otherwise, the dream could also symbolize the shame for women and masculine aspects of personality for men. To smell the hairy armpit in your dream – shows your wish to be admitted. Maybe there are some characteristic features that you do not like and wish to change and/or remove them.

Hair with worms and insects

If you dream that worms, bugs or maggots are coming out of your hair the dream shows that there is something on your mind, which gives you negative thoughts. There is a possibility that you are worrying about things, which are not that much important, that is why you should stop worrying about little things and be more positive about yourself or situations you are dealing with. The worms, bugs or maggots that falling out of your hair could also signify your anxiety of the way you look externally to others.

Hair in mouth

If you dream of vomiting or throwing up with hair, or the hair is growing on your tongue, or you you are eating the hair, or any other dream which is related to the hair that is in your mouth, such dream symbolizes your communication skills with others. The dream shows, that maybe you speak too much, or said things which you were not supposed to say. Keep in mind that sometimes it is better to stay quiet, instead of talking nonsense. The subconsciousness is telling you, that you feel sorry about your actions.


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